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At hydraPower dynamics we are very proud of the quality of our products and services and we work hard to meet and exceed all the accreditations that we hold.

Below are some of the certificates of accreditation that we have to our name and the trade bodies that we are active members of.


As well as the IATF and ISO accreditations, we also hold FMVSS106, CMVS106, DEF STAN 47-23 and DNV-CP-0183 certifications 



We are active members of JOSCAR, SAE and AIAG


The research and development in silicone hose manufacture are crucial for enhancing their performance, durability, and manufacturing efficiency. Ongoing efforts in material development, advanced manufacturing techniques, testing, and quality control will drive the future advancements in this field. By incorporating smart technologies, nanostructured materials, and additive manufacturing methods, silicone hoses will continue to meet the evolving demands of various industries while contributing to a sustainable future.


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