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At hydraPower dynamics our team of specialist engineers work across many industry sectors, delivering technically advanced fluid handling products capable of performing in hi-stress environments. 

We understand that every application is unique, and that's why we offer a personalised approach to help you find the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Our team of highly skilled engineers and knowledgeable professionals are always ready to provide expert guidance, technical support, and tailor-made recommendations to ensure you achieve optimal results.



Our Silicone manufacturing and electric vehicle fluid handling system division, partners with industry leading companies building electric vehicles that use battery and hydrogen fuel cell technology to store and deliver power. We have a rich experience in supplying silicone based fluid handling thermal management systems to global leading OEM customers operating at the cutting edge of this new and rapidly developing technology.


Working with our clients we offer manipulated tube, various hoses and high performance fluid handling solutions, that have become recognised as industry leading innovative products. From silicone hose systems that operate at extreme temperatures to cooling systems installed on the latest electric battery power commercial vehicles, we deliver the best optimised solutions across a wide range of diverse applications.

Ranging from Wind energy to standby generator sets, hydraPower dynamics supply a variety of components used for fluid and gas handling applications.  Silicone hose systems, manipulated tube and hydraulic  hose assemblies can accommodate a wide range of applications. 


For many years hydraPower dynamics have supplied a full range of commercial vehicle components based on fuel, air, cooling, exhaust, braking and hydraulic systems. Complete airbrake looms can be made and supplied ready to install. Our comprehensive knowledge of vehicle systems allows hydraPower to contribute towards concept and  development always with cost and performance in mind. Sub assembly  and kitting of vehicle systems are just one of our many niche competencies.

Approved to IATF 16949 hydraPower dynamics supply a wide range of components including electric battery coolant assemblies, engine fuel lines, brake lines,, turbocharger, tank feed, oil feed / return, rigid and flexible pipework. We prototype, develop and manufacture in a full spectrum of materials.


hydraPower is a major contractor to rolling stock manufacturers within Europe. Significant experience in supplying undercarriage applications, braking system hydraulics and vehicle support services ensure our products remain specified for years to come on both Overground and

Underground networks.

The stringent requirements for cleanliness and chemical durability in marine manufacturing equipment highlight our expertise in manufacturing components designed to excel in demanding, precision environments. Exceeding SAE J2006-R3 requirements our pipework assemblies can be meticulously assembled and tested in various configurations to ensure optimal performance at sea.


As a recognised defence contractor hydraPower have supplied components into Marine and land based equipment for many years. Our understanding of the technical requirements and product conformity for marine based applications has lead us to manufacture product and fluid transfer solutions that are fit for purpose in some of the most extreme environments imaginable.

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