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Bridging the gap between innovation and application, our research design and engineering service stands at the cutting-edge of custom hose and tube manufacturing. Addressing industry-specific challenges, we employ solutions that drive advancement in fluid handling systems. Beginning with rigorous research, our team identifies evolving trends, materials, and technologies, ensuring our designs remain at the forefront of the market.

Employing sophisticated CAD tools and simulation software, we meticulously craft designs that encapsulate client visions and surpass performance expectations. Our engineers collaborate closely with clients, refining concepts and ensuring each design is optimized for manufacturability and functionality.



& Short run manufacture

Combining precision with adaptability, our hose jig design service revolutionises the way hoses are conceptualised and produced. Our expert engineers utilise advanced  design and 3D printing techniques to create jigs that facilitate accurate, repeatable, and efficient hose production. Catering to unique client specifications, these jigs ensure accurate repeatable assembly. Complementing our design capability, our short run manufacture department offers an advantage to businesses requiring swift turnarounds and limited batch productions. This approach is ideal for pilot projects, or niche market products, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. From design to delivery, our integrated service promises excellence, transforming ideas into tangible, high-performance hose solutions.



Upon finalising the design, our manufacturing expertise comes into play, transforming blueprints into tangible, high-quality products that meet stringent standards. From the drawing board to the production line, we ensure a seamless transition. We can offer a rapid prototyping service which has proved a game-charger for some partners, allowing crucial for adjustments to designs, before investment in mass production is authorised

With a focus on precision, our prototypes closely mirror final products, ensuring accurate evaluations. This process has proved particularly successful for partners who require high performance fluid handling products such as silicon based hose systems for battery coolant fluids.


At hydraPower dynamics our material engineering service for silicone hose manufacture epitomises innovation and quality. Combining advanced polymer science with industry insights, we craft silicone hoses offering unmatched durability and flexibility. By exploring diverse silicone grades and strategic additives, we tailor solutions to specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and resilience. Partner with us for hoses that excel in extreme conditions, crafted through rigorous research and stringent quality checks.


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