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hydraPower USA [HUSA] is one of the world’s leading hose suppliers to some of the USA’s leading HVAC, hose distributors, OEM public transport, emergency vehicle, off road, automotive and marine providers. We supply fluid cooling systems, hoses and assemblies and can adapt to all enquiries from any arena.
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Situated in the Northeast corner of Indiana, our site in Angola is perfectly situated for all major shipping routes across North America and Canada.

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Design and Development Engineer - ABB Traction Solutions

After many attempts to come up with a workable design at the right cost, it was hydraPower that made it happen. From a basic specification we now have a durable design that works on our traction systems – many thanks.



Our tailored hose and tube design and manufacturing service caters to diverse industry needs. Using advanced engineering design techniques we are able to  translate our industry partner's unique requirements into precision-engineered products. Our extensive manufacturing facility ensures every product we produce meets rigorous quality standards. From aerospace to pharmaceuticals, we guarantee efficient and safe fluid transfer. Committed to innovation and excellence, we provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction.



Located in Birmingham, in a purpose built manufacturing facility, the UK head quarters offers industry partners an unrivalled design, prototyping and manufacturing services that includes, silicone hose, hose and tube, EPDM and nylon hose . Combined with a range of testing and fabricating services we can offer assemblies in all hoses to suit any requirement  or application. In addition, we support our manufacturing service with on site service and repair where required and a logistics operation thats second to none.

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